• Safety Razor Shaving Stand

Safety Razor Shaving Stand


The Safety Razor and Brush Stand by Mühle of Germany is an important piece in maintaining a Shaving Brush and Safety Razor. The sleek and simple design is easy to use and adds a touch of classic elegance to any countertop or shower.



  • Simple stand with placement for a safety razor and shaving brush
  • Chrome plating over zamak metal
  • 3 inches high and 2.5 inches in diameter



  • Allows the count of blade uses per side in order to help maximize the blade lifetime. (Properly drying blade as well as keeping blade away from hard surfaces that may cause blade damage)
  • Helps extend life of shaving brush by allowing it to properly dry with badger hair facing down.
  • High quality chrome plated handle will help resist rust and wear well in a wet environment.