• Muhle Black Fiber Shaving Brush

Muhle Black Fiber Shaving Brush


The Black Fiber Shaving Brush by Mühle of Germany is a perfect addition to our Mühle line of safety razors. The weighted handle blends quality, style and performance to deliver a clean, close shave.



  • Fine Badger Hair
  • Engraved detail handle
  • Vegan quality specially for wet shaving
  • The synthetic fibers possess equally good performance characteristics
  • Fibers prove somewhat sturdier and more durable. 



  • Users prefer this material not only due to its vegan properties, but also because it produces particularly creamy shaving lather.
  • Dark coloring and softness the synthetic fibers largely resemble natural hair material of pure badger quality and are also a little softer at the tips.
  • Engraved Handle detail is visually stunning as well as aids in an improved grip during use.
  • High quality handle will help resist rust and wear well in a wet environment.