• Gillette® Mach3® 3 Blade Razor

Gillette® Mach3® 3 Blade Razor


The Gillette® Mach3® 3 Blade Razor from MÜHLE is one of the most frequently used shaving systems in the world. Three progressively spaced blades guarantee a comfortable and close shave. Wet shave razors from MÜHLE are compatible with the systems Gillette® Mach3® and Mach3® Turbo.


  • Handle made of ash; one of the most important indigenous deciduous timbers.
  • Highly resistance to water
  • Handle measures 3.75 inches in length
  • Handle is corrosion-resistant


  • Design ensures a very close and gentle shave
  • Ideal for wet shaving.
  • Luxurious, alluring luster on the handle