Anthony Brands

Anthony Brand
The Idea 

Anthony Sosnick — a man who was a frustrated consumer himself, recognized the lack of quality prestige grooming products for men. Although Anthony’s background was in developing entertainment venues and commercial real estate, his heart was set on turning the grooming industry around. He embarked on a mission to create the highest quality, premium products on the market. Anthony Brands was founded in 2000, and is now a leading personal care company that develops products catering to men and women’s grooming needs. 

The Mission 

We care. It’s how we pay close attention to every detail in the development of our skincare products to meet your needs. They work, are simple to use, and are made with natural, good-for-you ingredients. Anthony Brands is committed to be the best in class. We take pride in being socially conscious and responsible, giving back through donating to charities that are focused on the well-being of all. 

The Brands 

Originally formed as Anthony Logistics for Men, Anthony is a multi-functional, multi-benefit personal care system designed with natural ingredients utilizing the latest in technology. Developed for men, borrowed by women, Anthony is comprised of a wide array of products that address specific skincare concerns from head-to-toe.